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Target with pre-determined or custom-built audiences


Add Claritas codes to your customer or prospect databases


Geographic counts of segments for trade areas, markets, regions

Find Them Faster

P$YCLE helps marketers looking for customer-specific financial and investment behaviors.

Sell Smarter

Craft a story that leads to sales by using P$YCLE, our proven proprietary Income Producing Asset (IPA) measure combined with demographic factors such as income, age, children/dependents, and home ownership.

Smarter Planning

P$YCLE has a unique range of applications for financial marketing, providing all of the external linkages necessary for the company-wide integration of a single customer concept.

How we help:

P$YCLE helps marketers looking for customer-specific financial and investment behaviors.

  • Identify cross-sell opportunities by financial and investment product
  • Understand market penetration rates vs potential market size
  • Develop smarter financial or investment products based on detailed usage patterns and demographics.
  • Provide context-based information to your product and/or segment managers and determine which financial products are the “next best” to offer
  • Map product usage or household balance in market
  • Create more relevant messages and financial product offerings for the optimal media and an outcome that matters to you
  • Append P$YCLE codes to your customer information files or any other marketing databases
  • Estimate market and branch trade area potential for any financial product, service, channel, etc.

A unique methodology that completes the financial picture

58 P$YCLE segments are defined by affluence and arranged into 12 broader Lifestage Groups, organized by lifestyle and financial behavior.

Claritas Income Producing Assets (IPA)*

Claritas Income Producing Assets (IPA) Indicators, a unique proprietary model that measures the liquid asset base of a household/wealth, focuses on cash, demand deposits, money markets, stock and mutual funds, individual retirement accounts, 401Ks, other retirement plans and other asset classes that are relatively easy to redeem and liquidate. (*The Claritas IPA Indicators measures do not include the value of the household’s personal residences or other properties).

Seven IPA classes for use within P$YCLE or on their own via Claritas IPA and Net Worth coding products:
Millionaires >$1 Million
Elite >$450,000
High $250,000 to $450,000
Above Average $100,000 to $250,000
Moderate $50,000 to $100,000

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