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Target with pre-determined or custom-built audiences


Add Claritas codes to your customer or prospect databases


Geographic counts of segments for trade areas, markets, regions

Know Who To Target In Today's Complex Market

P$YCLE Premier is a new segmentation model to help financial service marketers looking for customer-specific financial and investment behaviors for smarter targeting. Understand where your best customers live, work, play, how they engage and spend. LEARN MORE

A Unique Methodology That Completes The Financial Picture

60 P$YCLE Premier segments are defined by affluence and arranged into 12 broader Lifestage Groups, organized by lifestyle and financial behavior. 

In addition to geodemographic and behavioral data, there are two innovative features playing key roles in the P$YCLE Premier model. The first is the addition of Big Data in property-level home value and characteristics and the second is a technology score, which measures a household’s use of technology in their daily activities. These new enhancements work together to provide proven improvements in lift by 5-7% over P$YCLE, for even more accurate targeting.

Meet a Segment: Family Funding

Claritas Income Producing Assets (IPA)*

A distinguishing feature of P$YCLE Premier is its use of the Claritas Income Producing Assets Indicators model, a proprietary Claritas model that estimates the liquid assets of a household, including checking accounts, saving products, money market accounts, CDs and retirement accounts. 

The inclusion of the property-level home value data adds a new high-end break to our Income Producing Assets Indicator dataset, which is both a standalone product and a driver in P$YCLE Premier. While Income Producing Assets previously had 10 breaks and ended at $2MM+, it now has 11 breaks and ends at $3MM+. Additionally, our Net Worth indicator product now ends at $2MM+. This improvement to these products allows for unprecedented distinction and definition of high wealth segments.

Smarter Planning

P$YCLE Premier has a unique and wide range of applications for financial marketing and wealth identification, with the ability to link data necessary for the company-wide integration of a single customer concept.

Smarter Targeting

P$YCLE Premier is an actionable solution that helps you market smarter and win bigger:

  • Segment customers in a safe, regulatory compliant way 
  • Drive retention and loyalty
  • Match your creative to your messaging, for greater ROI
  • Identify switchers from prospects for products
  • Compare actual market penetration rates against the potential market size
  • Develop and enhance products offerings based on usage patterns
  • Discover a household’s potential for additional products and services
  • Determine which financial products are upsold opportunities vs. the “next, best” to offer
  • Evaluate and map segments’ product usage or household balance in branch markets or branch trade areas
  • Measure market and branch composition to identify marketing strategies and set performance goals
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