Claritas Digital:
We help companies find customers

Target prospects and customers across all major digital media outlets, Facebook, Google, theTradeDesk, programmatic and publishers via LiveRamp.

Advanced Targeting Unique data assets and innovative digital solutions
Smarter Buying Seamless integration with Facebook, Google, DMPs and thousands of publishers
Bigger Success Achieve ROI and scale with ease

You know what you need to do, we know the audiences to help you get it done;

2,300 audiences available:
Retail, tech, auto, travel, lifestyles, wealth, cultural and ethnic affinity to choose from

Custom audiences also available!

Reach out to our Digital Data Discovery Desk for immediate audience recommendations and insight on why they buy.

Sell Smarter, Win Bigger

Get started on smarter, faster targeting.


  • Claritas Data and Audiences are available across all the digital marketing platforms where you are advertising
  • Buy audiences programmatically through most platforms, media outlets and publishers
  • Maximize media spend

Ad Agencies

  • Create audiences with a 360° view of their lifestyles and purchases
  • Maximize the impact of your client’s online ad budget
  • Claritas segments can be enabled in any ad tech, publisher or mar-tech platform

DSP’s and Publishers

  • Increase the value of your advertising inventory
  • Compete for business using industry-leading tools
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  • “Claritas data is recognized as a leading, high performing data set. Activating campaigns using Claritas data digitally drives results for marketers at scale.”

    General Manager, Data