Measure & Optimize Campaigns Across All Channels

Determine the true impact of your media by measuring and attributing online and offline conversions with full transparency. In near real-time, you can see results and optimize your campaigns in-flight to ensure you are always improving and selling smarter.

Smarter strategy is built on optimization

Campaigns shouldn't start and end without measuring the impact on your bottom line. Smart strategies are built on the foundation of continual optimization, and ROI is only valid if it measures the real value and impact on your business.

Claritas uses 25 billion consumer signals per day to understand who your customers are across every device, and where they convert across any environment. We gather metrics across multiple indicators including cross-device conversion, viewability, fraud, demographics, site transparency, reach and frequency for the following media:

  • Mobile (app and web)
  • Desktop
  • Email
  • TV
  • OTT
  • Direct Mail
  • Paid search, social (post click)
  • Podcast Ad Attribution 

Understanding the performance of a marketing campaign begins with validating its execution.

Claritas provides you the answers needed to optimize your campaigns

Ready to get started measuring your success?

Our Optimization & Measurement Solutions

Delivery Measurement Delivery Measurement Validate that the execution of your campaign is in line with your media plan. Key delivery metrics include reach, frequency, impressions, clicks and engagements. Improve your visibility into conversion paths, viewability and fraud detection.
OOH Measurement Capture exposures from traditional and digital billboards and attribute conversions from any offline or digital environment. We capture exposures and match device IDs to our Identity Graph to capture post exposure conversions.
Incremental Lift Study Incremental Lift Study Understand how well your campaign influenced consumers to convert. Isolate the impact of your campaign through test vs. control modeling to quantify the total impact to understand what can be optimized.

Determine the true impact of media by measuring and attributing conversions.

Ensure your investments are hitting the mark.

The right metrics to measure success
Key metrics by audience group are available at a daily level, providing the transparency needed to understand how well a campaign is being executed​.

Reach and frequency
Monitor across publishers and audience groups to ensure your campaign has the opportunity to meet its objectives.​

Real-time optimization
Tracking impressions in real-time allows you to identify situations where served impressions deviate significantly from planned impressions.​

Cross-environment attribution 
Understand each combination of media exposures that influence consumer behaviors​ to determine the optimal path to conversion.

Identity Graph

Measurement tools at your fingertips

We're here to help you measure your success.