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Life moves fast, and you can't always wait for data to come to you. Our wide range of self-service platforms and tools put you in the driver's seat when it comes to identifying your best customers, delivering campaigns across channels and optimizing the results. So whether you're headed to a last minute client meeting or presenting in front of the board, we put insights at your finger tips to close the distance between what you need to do and getting it done.

Win bigger, turning insights into answers

A complex marketplace requires ever-evolving marketing messages, campaigns and insights. To meet your marketing needs, we've developed a wide variety of self-service platforms (SaaS) and tools to help you identify the right target audiences, launch campaigns across channels and measure and optimize your results.

How we help you get it done:

  • Options to keep your client data behind your four walls, satisfying even the most strict privacy and security concerns
  • Best in breed mapping technology and data visualization in reports and charts
  • Detailed analyses on conversion paths and campaign device reach
  • Rich and comprehensive insights about consumer behaviors, shopping patterns, media preferences, technology habits and household assets

The flexibility you want and trust to get the job done.

Unlock a wealth of data you won't find anywhere else.

Our Platforms & Tools

Webpage Claritas 360 Identify your best audiences with this intuitive web-based application. Quickly analyze your customer data and markets to find and reach your best customers. Create custom profiles, reports and maps, evaluate geographies and much more.
Devices AudienceAnywhere® Channel your ideal audiences for omni channel delivery across the entire marketing ecosystem. Track your progress across email, social and display and report back the KPIs that matter most to your business.
Connected Geoscape Intelligence System (GIS) Identify multicultural segments using this online SaaS platform. Easily visualize data and insights on multicultural markets, consumers and businesses with dynamic mapping, charting and tabular reports.
DirectTarget® Multicultural database enrichment for smarter campaigns. Enhance your CRM with data about your customers' language preference, acculturation, lifestyles, ethnicity, income and more for smarter strategies and bigger results.
Computer PrecisionCode™ Code your files with our client-hosted desktop geocoder, PrecisionCode™. This powerful tool enables you to enhance your CRM file, prospect file or location files with a wide variety of Claritas insights for increased precision.
People MyBestSegments Learn more about your segments. View a portrait of households through the lens of each of our segmentation solutions. Try our ZIP Code Lookup Tool for a peek at the lifestyles and preferences of consumers within any ZIP Code

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Smarter Data for Identification 

  • Essential insights and winning methodologies to understand your best customers
  • Interactive mapping capabilities and data visualization to see where they're located
  • Tools to enhance your CRM with segmentation codes, technology adoption scores, multicultural data and more

Smarter Activation for Delivery 

  • Expert execution across all channels with real-time tracking
  • Build digital audiences for launch in omni-channel campaigns
  • Export custom reports for immediate use with clients and prospects

Smart Strategies for Optimization

  • Measurement to continually help you target smarter
  • Resolve anonymous website traffic for re-targeting
  • Optimization tools to understand conversion rates, fraud, publisher performance, reach, frequency and more
Claritas 360 Platform

  • Claritas has helped Farmers develop a deeper understanding of the multicultural insurance buyer and how best to align our efforts targeting them. Through our ongoing engagement, we have established a strategic partnership that is helping to quantify our growth and identify new opportunities.

    Daniel Chang, Director of Multicultural Marketing
    Farmers Insurance
  • We are getting more and more project requests from our sales organization, which tells us that the information we are providing is useful, especially when it comes to providing the case for recommending specific products to specific store. GIS has helped up discover approaches to markets that we couldn't see before.

    Pablo Malconado, Market Analyst
  • Digital marketing is essential to reaching our consumers that are part of the millennial and Gen Z consumer base when they are not in the store...Claritas and IRI have developed the ability to reach a variety of segments within the Asian and Hispanic segments. I'm looking forward to see how we deploy these services.

    Sonia Cisneros

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