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Get actionable data, analytics and digital audience connectivity, powered by Geoscape®, to capture the growth that multicultural consumers represent in today's competitive marketplace.

Capture the growth you need to win

With more than 131 million multicultural Americans in the U.S., representing 37.5% of the population, marketers need to capture their business if they expect to grow.

Creating powerful messages that resonate with multicultural consumers, in their preferred language, starts with knowing their acculturation, media and lifestyle preferences.

Using CultureCode® segmentation, powered by Geoscape, you can quickly and easily find your next, best customer online and offline using data and tools you can’t find anywhere else.

You can:

  • Identify the customers you want most with the speed and precision you need now
  • Understand the Why Behind the Buy with the 360-degree context it takes to win
  • Tailor messages by language to speak directly to remarkably defined segments
  • Sell smarter and win bigger in the individual households where decisions are made
2019 U.S. Hispanic Population Chart

By 2024, Hispanics will reach more than 72 MM persons in the U.S.

Are you ready to serve this diverse segment?

Our Multicultural Solutions

Geoscape Intelligence   System (GIS) Geoscape Intelligence System (GIS) GIS is an online SaaS platform that helps you easily visualize data on multicultural markets, consumers and businesses with dynamic mapping, charting and tabular reports.
AUDIENTIVITY®   IP Targeting AUDIENTIVITY® IP Targeting AUDIENTIVITY is an innovative digital audience targeting platform that allows brands to reach diverse consumers and businesses individually through their internet-connected devices.
DirecTarget® Customer File Enrichment DirecTarget® Customer File Enrichment DirecTarget offers the ability to enrich your customer files with behavior profiles, CultureCode® segmentation and predictive analytics for rich multicultural insights to drive a remarkable ROI.

By 2024, 49.5% of the U.S. millennial population will be multicultural.

A deeper view into multicultural consumers

Discover powerful insights into a consumer's acculturation, country of origin, preferred language, religious affiliation, and much more, with CultureCode segmentation. Find high-growth consumer groups like: Hispanics (using Hispancity™), Asians (using Asianicty™), and African Americans, to target multicultural segments smarter and grow your market share in a culturally-diverse economy.

Mulitcultural Millennial

Hispanic Segment Groups
  • Geoscape has helped Farmers develop a deeper understanding of the multicultural insurance buyer and how best to align our efforts targeting them. Through our ongoing engagement, we have established a strategic partnership that is helping to quantify our growth and identify new opportunities.

    Daniel Chang, Director Of Multicultural Marketing
    Farmers Insurance
  • Our philosophy is to make every nickel work like a dollar. Geoscape helps us save money on targeting so we can spend it somewhere else... Geoscape has had an immediate impact, and the longer we’re using it, the greater our return on investment becomes.

    Hal Gronfein, Vp Of Marketing
  • Geoscape has a unique combination of strengths: focused understanding of multicultural direct marketing, innovative technology expertise, and a highly responsive ‘can-do’ attitude.

    Mr. Huelsman
    Verizon Wireless

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