Segmentation Solutions

Our Segmentation Sets Us Apart

Marketers must be able to identify and understand their most profitable customers to maximize market planning, media strategy, customer acquisition, cross-selling and retention marketing. Claritas' industry-leading consumer lifestyle segmentation yields the richest consumer behavioral information for shopping, financial and technology preferences, media habits (online and offline), multicultural affinity, enabling marketers to find their best customers so they can scale simply and quickly.

While segmentation remains core to what we do, teaming it with the power of the Claritas Identity Graph, we can now provide you with the ability to execute campaigns with more precision and turn anonymous website visitors (and visitors to store locations) into identifiable, targetable prospects.

  • Original Research & 40+ Partnerships
  • Claritas Identity Graph
  • Unique Access to Nielsen Data
  • Delivery Solutions Across Channels
  • The Claritas Advantage

How we help you get it done

  • Access direct original consumer research combined with sought-after critical data sources
  • Assess the competition and learn how to differentiate
  • Contextualize important trends in your market
  • Identify the best prospects for customer acquisition
  • Tailor messages and products by segment
  • Understand anonymous visitors and re-target them
  • Deliver campaigns to in-market audiences

Context is key

Predetermined audiences or custom-created segments help to analyze the usage of your products and services through four distinct industry-specific segmentation systems.

  • PRIZM® Premier Rich and comprehensive insights about consumer behaviors, shopping patterns and media preferences, technology habits and household assets
  • P$YCLE® Premier The latest consumer insights about financial wealth, investments, insurance and technology behaviors and preferences, and home value
  • P$YCLE® Unique consumer financial and investment behaviors and insights about individual wealth
  • ConneXions® Unique data to predict adoption rates for technology based on video, voice, and data service purchasing preferences
  • CultureCode® Powerful insights into multicultural consumers by acculturation, country of origin, preferred language, lifestyle preferences and more

Smart data is better data.

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