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Nielsen Segmentation

Get inside the minds of your ideal customers


In order to reach and retain profitable customers, you have to understand what drives their purchasing decisions, and tailor messages and products that resonate with them.

Nielsen can empower you with a vast range of marketing segmentation systems that effectively and efficiently identify your specific market segment, showing you the lifestyle behaviors and purchase preferences that drive their buying decisions.

Features & Benefits

Capitalize on hidden patterns of customer behavior with a unique resource that connects market demographics, customer segmentation analysis, and behavioral survey data in one easy-to-use system.

As a leader in segmentation research since 1971, Nielsen marketing segmentation systems generate proven, measurable results for our clients. They provide a flexible framework for decision-making that is consistent from the household, to local markets, to the national level – and every level in between.

Implement segmentation systems that identify:

  • Key customer demographics
  • Key purchase behaviors (including frequency, purchase type and purchase value)
  • Relative value of each consumer group

Understand what drives the purchasing behaviors of your customers; call us at 800-234-5973.

marketing segmentationSegmentation Systems

Uncover consumer behaviors, shopping patterns and media preferences

marketing segmentationBehavioral Profiles

Customize your marketing programs with comprehensive and reliable customer behavior profile information


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