Deliver More Impactful Campaigns

Smarter marketing means delivering the right message where your audiences choose to engage. Claritas gives you the ability to identify and connect to actual customers who are interested in your products and services, everywhere they are now and in the future.

Smarter activation: Omni-channel execution

With consumers using multiple devices and channels each and every day, reaching your targets using an omni-channel approach is the best strategy for success. We connect the dots on both your CRM and prospect lists to create audience profiles that go beyond just which digital channels they engage with, but more importantly, how and when they engage to develop optimal results across channels.

Campaign execution solutions include:

  • Omni-channel – obtain one view of your audience across all channels.
  • Email – select and reach prospects with pinpoint accuracy. We handle every step so you don’t have to.
  • Social – connectivity on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and more−linking all points of contact for scale and accuracy.
  • Display – deliver messages only to authenticated consumers in non-logged in environments, eliminating fraud.
  • Direct Mail – whether you need a list of your best prospects, or you want to understand the conversion path of your next campaign, we can help you target smarter with direct mail.

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Deliver Smarter Campaigns

Put the power of campaign execution in your own hands.

Create omni-channel engagements with AudienceAnywhere™

Claritas Delivery Solutions

Audience Creation Funnel Audience Creation Connect with the right customers using our segmentation, custom audiences and partner insights to build and onboard the perfect audiences to the platforms of your choice.
Campaign Execution Campaign Execution Deliver campaigns to your targets with a multi-channel approach, including email, social, display, direct mail or all four.
Re-Target Re-Targeting Resolve the identity of your anonymous traffic (in-store and online) with our cross-channel audience builder, then optimize and re-target your audience across all channels.

Identify the anonymous traffic to your website and re-target those prospects.

Right message, right device, right channel

Whether you want to execute the campaign yourself or you’d like us to do it for you, we’re the right partner to help you execute a cross-channel campaign start-to-finish and optimize the results.

Put the power of campaign execution in your own hands with AudienceAnywhere™. Fueled by the Claritas Identity Graph, the AudienceAnywhere™ platform enables you to create omni-channel engagements with your ideal audience segments.  


  • Audience Creation – identify and create the ideal audience segments to target 
  • AcquireInsight™ – identify and resolve anonymous website traffic and re-target visitors for conversion
  • Campaign Reporting & Analysis – in near real-time you can review campaign metrics (delivered, impressions, opens, clicks, etc.) and optimize the results in AudienceAnywhere

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AudienceAnywhere Platform

Sell smarter with effective omni-channel strategies

Delivery Linkages for Campaign Execution
  • Claritas has the technology-based solutions to solve any problem our clients have. Whether it’s identifying the right audience only, identifying the anonymous website traffic going to a client site, executing digital campaigns across multiple channels or all the above, they have the experience and track record to deliver results. When it comes to identifying the right audiences and connecting them across multiple channels, it’s great to have a partner that we can go to for any of our clients regardless of the objectives they have and product/services they offer.

    Jane Kaiser
    President at Eclipse DM

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