How We Can Work Together

Target with pre-determined or custom-built audiences


Add Claritas codes to your customer or prospect databases


Geographic counts of segments for trade areas, markets, regions

Find Them Faster

Claritas ConneXions integrates consumer usage of technology with demographics and lifestyle attributes to enable companies focused on technology to use smart data to drive their marketing strategies.

Know Them Better

Exclusive to ConneXions is Claritas Technodoption, a proprietary Claritas model that measures a household's willingness to adopt new technology.
High Tech – Technology trendsetters and early adopters
Mid Tech – Loyal to a particular product, but more selective about new technologies
Low Tech – Budget conscious, less technology breadth

Smarter Planning

Tracked Tech Usage & Preferences Include:

  • Phone/Device Types
  • Phone Carrier
  • Plan Type
  • Cable Providers
  • Media Channels
  • Gaming
  • Fitness Wearables
  • Desktop/Tablet
  • VR
  • Music Streaming Service
  • DVR
  • Smart Watch

Understand the when and why
behind the tech buy.

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