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You need to know your customers inside and out. Your customer file holds the key. Using the File Enhancement functionality available in Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions, you can quickly gain a better understanding of your customers by having your customer file appended with segment and geo codes. Continue reading for more information about the file enhancement solution and how you contact a Claritas representative for licensing purposes.


Licenses for File Enhancement includes the following optional appends:

Corrected and Enhanced Address Information

This option returns latitude/longitude coordinates, match code, standardized address information (boulevard, road, avenue, etc.) and ZIP+4 for each address. Latitude and Longitudes can be used in your mapping system of choice for visualizing your customers and determine market coverage.

Census and Claritas Geocoding

Geocoding adds geographic dimensions to customer data by appending Census tract and block group codes, as well as State, County, CBSA (Core Based Statistical Areas) and DMA (Nielsen television markets). A Claritas "spatial" ZIP Code is also appended to match the annual roster of ZIP Codes for which Claritas maintains demographic and cartographic data. These appends will help you determine the specific geographic markets in which your customers reside.

Segmentation Append

The actual implementation of your strategic plans begins with scored customers and prospects that fit your intended profile in the markets you select via the optimal channel for each profile. You'll maximize every marketing dollar by pinpointing only those customers and prospects who represent profitable and sustainable opportunities. By licensing segmentation appends, you'll have access to in-depth insight into the lifestyles and habits of your targets, you can refine your message at any communication or promotional point to deliver the greatest impact on its intended audience. The end result is a longer, more profitable relationship with each customer and a greater likelihood of acquiring additional profitable customers.

The following segmentation systems are licensable to append in the File Enhancement package:

Claritas PRIZM Premier

PRIZM® Premier is Claritas' newest segmentation model and defines every U.S. household in terms of 68 demographically and behaviorally distinct types, or "segments," to help marketers discern those consumers' likes, dislikes, lifestyles and purchase behaviors. The seven drivers that determine a household's PRIZM Premier segment include Income, Age, Technology Use, Presence of Children, Homeownership, Urbanicity and IPA.

Claritas P$YCLE

P$YCLE® is a household segmentation system that groups consumers into segments based on income producing assets and a wide variety of financial and investment behaviors. Top financial institutions use P$YCLE in the decision making process for customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell programs to maximize campaign performance lift and marketing expenditure efficiency.

Claritas ConneXions

ConneXions® is a household segmentation system that groups consumer segments based on the combination of technology adoption, age and family structure. ConneXions gives communications service providers, consumer durables manufactures and other companies focused on a household's willingness to adopt new technology, consistent paradigms for understanding consumer communication behaviors as a framework for marketing, planning and product development.

For more information on the File Enhancement features available in Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions, call 1-800-234-5973 to speak with an account representative. This functionality is not currently available for online self registration.