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Claritas DIGITAL

Why use plain vanilla selects of questionable quality, provided by media platforms, when you could be using quality, time-tested, audiences based on real consumer behaviors?

Do not settle for basic demographic variables when you can be using richer insights to boost your results in online advertising and through social media channels, like Facebook. Online marketers can now join the leading consumer brands and online media companies in applying techniques that have been proven offline for decades. With Claritas Digital, advertisers and agencies can increase their confidence to invest more deeply in online brand advertising as part of the total marketing mix.

Previously anonymous website visitors now become identifiable audiences for brand advertising. Claritas Digital allows advertisers and publishers to access rich, predictive consumer information with online and mobile campaigns that reach specific high-value audiences. Marketers can send their ads anonymously to the individuals most interested in their specific product or service.

Claritas Digital segments predict the likelihood of any household to engage in thousands of lifestyle, purchase, and financial behaviors, down to the brand level. That means advertisers don't have to utilize broad in-market or category groups, but can reach online and mobile audiences linked to their specific needs.



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Consumer Targeting Solutions