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To ensure your access to 2016 Nielsen data, click here to register for Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions, the replacement for Nielsen File Enhancement, BusinessPoint, SiteReports, Advanced Reports, Market Data and MyBestSegments. Contact your Nielsen representative or call 800-234-5973 to learn more. 

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PRIZM Reports

PRIZM offers the most comprehensive and precise insights using 66 distinct segments for uncovering consumer behavior, shopping patterns and media preferences.


  • Enhance your marketing efficiency by identifying and engaging the prospects that are most like your best customers
  • Offer different types of prospects and customers tailored messages and products designed just for them

The PRIZM Reports package provides unlimited access to the following reports:

Add this package and get unlimited access to these reports.

Click here to sign up Online or call 1-800-234-5973 to speak with an account representative about the PRIZM Reports package. These offers are good for one registered user for a 12-month annual license.

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