Reach your target audiences online with unique, behavior-based segments utilizing 1,000’s of lifestyles, attitudes, psychographics and brand-based preferences. Activate your campaigns across 100’s of platforms and networks using time-tested, privacy friendly audiences via LiveRamp for higher campaign results.

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Measured Results

Claritas data is recognized as a leading, high performing data set for omnichannel marketing. Activating campaigns using Claritas data digitally drives results for marketers at scale.

GM, Data


Execute online with more than 2,300 audiences across industries


Car buyers of specific make and models. Auto maintenance preferences and purchases (DIY,DIFM)

Retail & Shopping

Shopping & dining preferences 
at the brand level


Technology adoption and consumer electronic usage


Psychographics, eco-tendencies, product preferences, energy habits, and new in 2017-NFL Fans


Banking, investing, credit card & saving preferences by channel and type

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We used ConneXions segmentation through Claritas Digital to increase our online campaign results 16x by activating our segments online.

Marketing Analytics Team

National Wireless Provider

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