who your best customers are and the behaviors that define them


your best customers by market and media preference


your consumers with the right message and channel

We Track And Measure:

120MM Households

10,000 lifestyle behaviors

2,300 digital audiences

8,000+ demographic variables


Deliver your messages to the right people in the most effective channels

Claritas offers 4 distinct segmentation solutions to enable more efficient cross-channel marketing:

  • PRIZM® Premier – used by the biggest brands to understand the lifestyles, media habits and purchase behaviors of their best customers. You can activate your segments on all media channels to add precision targeting power to your campaigns.
  • P$YCLE® - perfect for financial institutions, P$YCLE identifies household financial behaviors, such as income, age, presence of children, home ownership and Claritas' proprietary measure of Income Producing Assets (IPA) to help you understand acquisition and upsell opportunities and define market share.
  • ConneXions® - If you are introducing a new technology product or service, you’ll want ConneXions to identify the households most willing to adopt new technology. It integrates consumer behavior and usage measures for technology, voice, video and data services with demographics and lifestyle characteristics to help you understand the opportunity for your solutions.
  • Segmentation on Demand - We leverage our proprietary segmentation methods, data and philosophy of activatable marketing segmentation to create a segmentation truly unique to your business. Using drivers custom to your business needs, plus all the great linkages that our other segmentations provide for increased campaign effectiveness.

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Our Data Partners


When you have unique targeting needs, 
we have a team of experts to craft custom solutions to meet your business objectives

Our proprietary custom analytics allow you customize your segments on the behaviors or business drivers that matter most to you.

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  • Custom Segmentation & Audiences – Let us create segmentations or marketing audiences specific to your business by combining our data assets with your unique business insights.
  • Share, Track & Spend Analytics - Claritas’ unique partners enable us to create actionable insights that track who spends or visits your business and those of your competitors, helping uncover opportunities and inform how best to reach them.
  • Advanced Geographic Analysis - We know consumers and markets. We can tell you who lives in your market areas and where your unique opportunities lie.

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