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PRIZM Social Group

05 The Affluentials

The six segments in The Affluentials are one socioeconomic rung down from the Elite Suburbs--with a significant drop in median income--but their residents still enjoy comfortable, suburban lifestyles. The median income and median home value in S2 are well above the U.S. median values, and the members of this social group are mostly singles who tend to have college degrees and white-collar jobs. Asian-Americans make up an important minority in these predominantly white segments. As consumers, The Affluentials are big fans of health foods, computer equipment, consumer electronics, and the full range of big-box retailers.


  • US Households: 8,946,548
  • Median Household Income : $74,145

Segments in the group are:

08 Executive Suites
14 New Empty Nests
15 Pools & Patios
17 Beltway Boomers
18 Kids & Cul-de-sacs
19 Home Sweet Home