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Nielsen MarketPlace
To ensure your access to 2016 Nielsen data when it's available, click here to register for Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions, the replacement for Nielsen
File Enhancement, BusinessPoint, SiteReports, Advanced Reports, Market Data and MyBestSegments. Contact your Nielsen representative or call 800-234-5973 to learn more.
Effective October 31st, 2015, Nielsen File Enhancement will be replaced by Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions.
Effective December 31st, 2015, Nielsen BusinessPoint, SiteReports, Advanced Reports and MyBestSegments will be replaced by Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions.

Effective March 31st, 2016, Nielsen Market Data and MarketPlace Repository services will be replaced by Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions.

Segment Explorer

The Segment Explorer is an interactive tool that lets you examine segment groups based on demographics and behaviors. Once you have identified a segment group, you can click on each segment tile to view more details about the segment's traits. If you are a subscribed user, you will be able to download detailed information about each segment.

For a more comprehensive view of the segments that align with your customer's traits, we recommend you code your customer file using one of our Nielsen Segmentation systems.

PRIZM Segmentation System Order By :Segment NumberSegment Name
01 Upper Crust
02 Blue Blood Estates
03 Movers & Shakers
04 Young Digerati
05 Country Squires
06 Winner's Circle
07 Money & Brains
08 Executive Suites
09 Big Fish, Small Pond
10 Second City Elite
11 God's Country
12 Brite Lites, Li'l City
13 Upward Bound
14 New Empty Nests
15 Pools & Patios
16 Bohemian Mix
17 Beltway Boomers
18 Kids & Cul-de-sacs
19 Home Sweet Home
20 Fast-Track Families
21 Gray Power
22 Young Influentials
23 Greenbelt Sports
24 Up-and-Comers
25 Country Casuals
26 The Cosmopolitans
27 Middleburg Managers
28 Traditional Times
29 American Dreams
30 Suburban Sprawl
31 Urban Achievers
32 New Homesteaders
33 Big Sky Families
34 White Picket Fences
35 Boomtown Singles
36 Blue-Chip Blues
37 Mayberry-ville
38 Simple Pleasures
39 Domestic Duos
40 Close-In Couples
41 Sunset City Blues
42 Red, White & Blues
43 Heartlanders
44 New Beginnings
45 Blue Highways
46 Old Glories
47 City Startups
48 Young & Rustic
49 American Classics
50 Kid Country, USA
51 Shotguns & Pickups
52 Suburban Pioneers
53 Mobility Blues
54 Multi-Culti Mosaic
55 Golden Ponds
56 Crossroads Villagers
57 Old Milltowns
58 Back Country Folks
59 Urban Elders
60 Park Bench Seniors
61 City Roots
62 Hometown Retired
63 Family Thrifts
64 Bedrock America
65 Big City Blues
66 Low-Rise Living
67 Unassigned