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Nielsen MarketPlace
To ensure your access to 2016 Nielsen data when it's available, click here to register for Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions, the replacement for Nielsen
File Enhancement, BusinessPoint, SiteReports, Advanced Reports, Market Data and MyBestSegments. Contact your Nielsen representative or call 800-234-5973 to learn more.
Effective October 31st, 2015, Nielsen File Enhancement will be replaced by Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions.
Effective December 31st, 2015, Nielsen BusinessPoint, SiteReports, Advanced Reports and MyBestSegments will be replaced by Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions.

Effective March 31st, 2016, Nielsen Market Data and MarketPlace Repository services will be replaced by Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions.

What is Nielsen Segmentation?



Nielsen’s industry-leading consumer lifestyle segmentation yields the richest consumer behavioral information for shopping, financial and technology preferences, media habits (online and offline) and so much more. These powerful consumer segmentation insights enable marketers to:

  • Tailor messages and products that resonate with customers
  • Group similar segments together to maximize marketing efficiency and reach
  • Discover who your best customers are and where you can locate similar people

Features & Benefits

You can capitalize on hidden patterns of customer behavior with an invaluable resource that connects market demand, consumer insight and analysis and behavioral measurement data in one easy-to-use system.

Nielsen’s segmentation systems offer a flexible framework for decision-making that is consistent for all geographic levels from household, to local, to national and every level in between. Each segmentation system (Nielsen PRIZM, Nielsen P$YCLE and Nielsen ConneXions) is optimized for industry-specific consumer behaviors and preferences that generate measurable results.

You can use any of the segmentation systems to create a custom solution unique for your company and view segments grouped according to consumer usage of your products and services that help you answer vital business questions:

  • Where is my competition located?
  • What are the important trends in my market?
  • Who are my best prospects?

To identify the demographic trends, consumer spending patterns and lifestyle behaviors that are likely to drive your growth, we offer three distinct industry-specific household segmentation systems:

  • P$YCLE®- Identify unique consumer financial and investment behaviors with a better understanding of a household’s wealth
  • ConneXions® - Discover a household’s likelihood to adopt new technology using their video, voice, and data purchasing preferences

To learn more about your customers, call us at 800.234.5973.

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The Power of Segmentation