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"As a Researcher for a media company, Claritas SMS [Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions] helps me tackle my workflow, because of the simplicity of this automation software. SMS is efficient and practical for leveraging data, by providing consumer insights, within minutes. Most of the time, I have an urgent request that is due by the end of the day, and knowing how quick SMS delivers audience focused, strategic information makes me more confidant in getting my work done, in a timely manner." - Research Coordinator, Media Client

With Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions

This easy-to-use platform will allow you to better understand consumers who are more likely to buy your product or service, and the markets where they live, so you can create more efficient marketing strategies and customized messages to more effectively reach them.

Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions dynamically links data insights with the latest web mapping technology to reveal your best market opportunities for a multitude of U.S. geographies and analysis area types. By integrating Claritas segmentation with your data, and our vast array of demographic and market insights, you can understand:

Deliver customer insights that can be applied across your entire business to better understand, find and activate your customers, including:

The application requires little training for any level user. In just minutes, you can view and analyze data to gain insights into consumer demographics and lifestyles, purchase behaviors, media preferences and more using standard functionality.

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For more information, please contact a Claritas representative at 800-234-5973.

The Power of Segmentation